Equipment List

Acoustic Guitars

Taylor 614ce Grand Auditorium

Martin 000-15 Mahogany body

Tanglewood TW73 'Hi-String' Parlour guitar

Regal resonator retro fitted with a U.S Quarterman cone

Raimundo Model 118 Nylon String (Classical) Guitar

Ovation 'Glen Campbell' model 12 String

Mandocello. Modified from a small bodied acoustic guitar by the very talented Jon Dickinson.

Electric Guitars

Fender USA 1996 Anniversary Stratocaster Plus with Lace Sensor pickups

Fender 1997 Telecaster.

Danelectro Double Cutaway '56 Re-Issue

Reverend Manta Ray.


Trinity Amps Overdrive Special 'Boutique' Valve Amp

Fender modified Blues Deluxe Combo.

Cornford cabinets with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

Pedals from T-Rex, Xotic, TC Electronic, Jim Dunlop, etc.


Pro Tools 11 & Logic Pro X

MacBook Pro i7

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt interface and various UA plugins including Neve preamp and LA-2A compressors.

SE 440a Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

Oktava MK-012 Capacitor Microphone modified by Michael Joly

SE440a Condensor Microphone.

Eve SC205 Studio Monitors

Shure SM57a and SM58 Beta microphones & SE Reflexion Filter

Plugins from Scuffham, Waves, Universal Audio, Lexicon, Slate Digital, Softube.