"John…you were brilliant! Such a GREAT player, with a commitment to excellence. You played just what the songs needed. And thank you for adding some “cool” with your inventive lines. It was MY pleasure to have you there.
Dan Cutrona (Grammy Award Winner, Producer, Arranger & Keyboard Player)

"...playing with John is a pleasure... he'll be embarrassed to read this, but I can tell you he is a good man with a big heart, and you can really hear it in his tone, in his feel and whole approach to playing electric guitar. He makes it sing, and carries you away with him." Terl Bryant (Sadie & The Hotheads, John Paul Jones)

Session Guitarist John Wallace

"I have worked with John for several years, not only is he an excellent session musician but he has a deep knowledge of multiple styles and genres...amazing for both live and recording work...his MD skills are an asset to any band. I look forward to working with him again and again." Lynieve Austin (M People, Solo Artist, vocal coach)

"John has the technique, knowledge and experience to come up with killer lines every time, regardless of style or genre. Over two albums and countless live performances there's been nothing like the confidence of having John in the band." Marc B Chapman (Singer/Songwriter)

"John is an outstanding session guitarist, there’s no question about that. But it goes further than that, John has an exquisite ear. Bringing your music to John is to place it in the hands of a man who still loves to create music, who wants to do just the right thing to make your song the best it can be. He plays what the song needs, and he will keep going until he gets it, until he has played it beautifully. As a singer/songwriter I cannot recommend him highly enough." Adrian Jopling (Singer/Songwriter)

"I am an amateur singer/songwriter with limited guitar skills. For my first single I went looking for an affordable but passionate and professional session guitarist. Based on a video of a live performance of my song, John immediately felt what the song needed. After a quick check John got to work and delivered a perfect piece in one go. His playing perfectly suits the mood of this track and really makes it shine. Couldn’t be happier." Wouter Broekman (Singer/Songwriter)